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Sunday, November 27, 2016

London for ever - 3

Despite of  its high cost rating of life, London free time can be considered cheaper than other great europeans capitals like Rome, Madrid and Paris on regard of spending your free time.

First of all let's mention  newspapers and magazines. Well they mihgt be considered the first step of employing your free time. Not only because reading is leisure time par excellence, but also because in papers and magazines you can find how to spend better your leisure time.

If you have follow me in the previous articles on London, you have already acquired the great importance that the underground transports (the famous Tube) have in London. Well, in all the Tube's stations you can find daily free papers as good level such as Evening Standard, Metro and CityAM.

Furthermore, now, you can even found the topic enjoying magazine for free: I'm talking about TimeOut, the historical, most ancient and best magazine for shows, events, rendez-vous and anythingelse going on in London.

We must also say that all the biggest museums in London are free: we quote one for all: "the British Museum". Do I need to say more about?

And now Theaters. In London there a lot of theaters for all tastes and any kind of shows: prose and classical  dramas, opera houses, musicals, movies, ethnical and anything else. And some of them are even free.

Personally I remember  a Hamlet representation in the late seventies.

My first love in theatre has been Shakespeare, though the first drama I have read of his, is The Tempest.

But Hamlet has made me think about the real importance of life.

I wanted to attend a school drama in London, when the odd events of life took me far away from there.

But there is  still time to dream over in London!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

London for ever - 2

London has got a lot of things to see. That's why you need to know how excellent are the London's transports. Let's say that the best way is to subscribe an Oyster card. It's a very cheap card and thanks to it you can use both the tube and the double deckers, what I call the two big monsters in the London transport system.
The tube is something unthinkeable and not imaginable if you don't see try it personally. It covers all the 33 boroughs on which London is spread. At any time the trains pass by to collect the passengers and carry them wherever they like to go. The most important stations are connected with the airports: Victoria to Heatrhow; Liverpool station to Stansted; Kings Cross to Luton and Gatwick. But if you need to buy a ticket dont'worry about, plenty of staff  are ready to help you. And if your bank has a convention with London Royal Transport you can even pay your fare by simply  swipping your credit card in the entrance and the exit gate.
I personally prefer the double deckers. In many towns in the world tourists are offered  to visit the sorroundings by hiring a panoramic bus and paying for it the right fare (which might cost you from five up to twenty pounds for the ticket. In London you don't have such a cos. Every single double decker bus has a panoramic sight form the uplevel stage. So you can go anywhere, and enjoy the sorrounding pitches without any overcharge but paying only the simple fare.

2. to be continued...

Thursday, November 3, 2016

London for ever

You can say what you want about London; That's too chaotic is true; the wheather is not good for most of the year along; the pollution, specially in the central areas is still at an high level,  and the cost of the life, well, leave off 'cause is much better.

Nevertheless London plays a very strong appeals for a lot of people,  if is true, as it is true, that its population is all the time increasing; you can see buldings yards everywhere, expanding the borders of the town ever and ever.

And so, why is London a place of so much interest?

Well I cann't be very impartial answering the question 'cause London for me represents a  special place of the memory.

I've lived there when I was a young man. Nothing out of ordinary. But in those far years I found there a shelter for my troubled soul; there I found a job: very hard at the beginning but lighter and brighter with the  increasing of experience.

London is a great mother, strict but fair, who receives anyone and pays to anyone his own tribute.

I've been there in the past few days, after almost four decades from my first journey.

It has been exciting to be in again.

Though I'm another man now, so different from that young boy full of dreams, naive and idealist, who searched at the time a inexistent  world, I must recognise that London is still a beatiful town.

In the following posts I'll point out details and circustances which make it so beautiful.

1. to be continued...

Friday, October 14, 2016

Bob Dylan Nobel Prize

"For creating new poetic expressions within the great tradition of American song"

With this motivation the Swedish Academy awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature 2016 to singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.

I am an admirer of the American singer-songwriter for a long time. I have worked  since the early seventies in the translation of his songs.

I considered his lyrics highly poetic, dreamlike and visionary as befits a great poet.
 I ‘m talking not only of Blowing in the Wind, The times are changing and Mr Tambourine Man.

 I’m  talking about much of its poetic production.

But I must confess that as a young man did not consider him a great musician, but a minstrel (in the best and highest of the possible meanings).

Today perhaps my judgment on its stylistic musician figure should be revised.
Nevertheless I prefer to continue to consider as a great poet.

 For decades I wanted  to see in our school anthologies lyrics  by Bob Dylan, Fabrizio De Andrè, Francesco De Gregory, Leo Ferre and many others; I say this has to be done without taking away  Leopardi ,  Carducci , Pascoli and D'Annunzio (Leopardi in particular is my favorite poet).

 I’m  only saying  that the anthologies of where our boys study should be updated  allowing the entry of these new poets.

Perhaps with the Nobel literature to Bob Dylan, something is going to  change.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Waiting for parity

In your life you can be what you want.
You can be a dreamer, waiting for the ideal world to come or you can be a money maker, a business man, applying your knowledge to increase your incomes.
Of course most depends on the opportunities that someone calls the fate or the destiny.
If you were born in a rich family which starts you to economic studies; if your father is a millionaire who already knows the way to make money is more likely you become a money maker on your turn.
It's easier to be a dreamer when you belong to the land of dreamers; i mean that if your background is class working is most likely you become a dreamer, fighting for more equal distribution of the national richness or national income.
Nevertheless i believe that everyono has got inside some instances of equality which lead him toward a certain direction.
I mean that if someone believes all the men are equal in fornt of God, and of course believes in _God, unlikely he'll be spending his life or setting up his own time just to make money.

Of course being  a dreamer does not mean you are a stupid or a silly man.
I mean tha t the fact you haven't sold your soul in the temples of business it does not mean you are not able to cdhoose the right moves to improve your life and the life of those who depend upon you.
 For instance, if you want to buy a house in London you  better wait until the prices go down, as they are expected to do in the next years. And if you need to sell a property in Europe and its price go up when you sell it;  and if you want to change the euros income into pounds; and the pound gets the parity with the european currency when you exchange them with the pounds, well, all that is pure fortune, not skill for sure!
Eventually I believe that fortune plays a great role in your life; may be more than that 50% is believed to play by common beliefs.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Are you a potential freeholder or a leaseholder?

If you want to buy a house in London you must first know a few things to manage it in the best way.

There are three ways you can own a property: freehold, leasehold or commonhold.

Let's first of all say that for a continental mental habit (I mean specially for an Italian, but I think the same can be said for a French, a German or a Spanish buyer) only the first and the third patterns are quite normal to understand and to be accepted as normal way of buying a flat, or a house or other kind of living estates.

As matter of fact as a freeholder you get the outright of a property and you become the absolute owner of the compound you are going to buy, both in good and in bad sides (I mean that being the freeholder the owner of the ground where the property is built, you 'll to pay all the taxes and all the expenses due for maintenance, such as external walls, ceiling, basement, roof and so saying). Of course you won't pay any rent to anyone, such has the leasholder to the landlord.

In fact when you buy as leasholder, you are in charge for an amount of time (usually from 80 to 999 years) and you recognise several duies to the freeholder, who becomes a sort of landlord.

In Italy this kind of contract resembles from one side the ancient usufructus and from another side the renting contract. It's a sort of mixture, difficult to accept more than to understand it.

Of course you're going to pay less for a leashold house than you pay for a freehold one.

Recently a third kind of buying has been introduced in England (in Scotland the leashold is not very spread): the commonhold.

By the commonhold you buy a flat in a block, buying at the same time the soil where your flat stands, the walls, terraces and roofs and all the common parts which belong to the other owners of different portions of the block (flats or commercial shops or deposits or whatelse the block has been divided in when built on.

In Italy such a buying is almost the rule when you buy a flat in a big town, where buildings are made of so many floors, while in the small towns you usually buy as a freehold.

My personal advice is to contact a professional reference, such as a solicitor and/or an agent in order to acquire all the knowledge you need in a such expensive and definitive field.

A special way of acquiring a flat in Englad is with the scheme "buy to let". It's a good way for investors by which you can pay the fractions of your mortgage by renting your property.

In Italy recently has been introduced another interesting formula called "rent to buy", which is almost of the previous scheme. In such agreement the buyer asks the freeholder who wants to sell the property, to start with a rent's contract. 

The canons you pay as a tenant will be deducted form the final price you'll pay to redeem the property as yours for ever.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Just a searcher of love

“Ubi sunt qui ante nos in mundo fuere?”
This question grows in my mind, from time to time;

 “Where are those who lived the world before we did?!”

It’s a question I make searching for God or investigating on Him!

One day I discover that other people have questioned God
 or themselves about the same matter: 
surely Kindleben
 and before him some unknown poet in 1271 
or maybe a classic latin poet…

Is that to be a poet?

Asking all the time the same questions?
We need something new in the world…
I just wanted to be happy, not a poet…

If I were happy would not be a poet…
But a poet is not just a rhymer, or a versemaker…

A poet is a searcher for love!