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Thursday, March 23, 2017

London for ever - 7

Three lambs lie down on Westminster
sacrificied by the shot dead priest
of the nothingness faith
pushed by madness
moved by hate
sent by  pretending prophets
who now are cheering up 
four more victims
in the pantheon web
of foolishness.
But two faults
never can make a why,
and violence can never be justified
even if you had a reason
to be spent
Men of power,
for the sake of the true 
Merciful God
of the whole humanity,
please, put apart any selfishness
and hear the poor poet
claiming for justice.

In London the 22nd of March 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Beyond the Hadrian Wall

Scottish PM Nicola Sturgeon has called for a new referendum on Scotland leaving the UK. 
That's a straight consequence of  premier May triggering the article 50 of European Treaty in order to drive UK out of EU ( the so called Brexit). 
Edinborough does not want to leave Bruxelles and Scottish people want to remain in the European Union. 
As matter of fact the large majority of Scots voted for remaining in the june referendum last year. 
So London risks to pay a very high price leaving EU. 
But if Edinborough succeeds on its idea of breaking the unity with London, then we will have to say that English have succeeded where even the Roman Empire had failed: joining the Caledonian lands to the western civilised countries, while England will remain off the Hadrian Wall.
 I ask my English friends if it is worth all this.
 Please, put apart your pride and come back on your steps. 
EU needs to be changed from inside. 
We need London staying with us. We want Scotland staying within. 
Can anyone do anything to stop an odd and casual disaster like Brexit seems to be? 
Anyway, London will be in my heart for ever.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thank you Lords

It  invites us to a serious reflection the amendment the Lords have inserted in  the Brexit bill in order to protect three millions of EU citizens, working and living in UK, after Artcle 50 is triggered.

What I expected  was to be done by the  House of Commons It has been done instead by the House of Lords.

It is a widespread belief, even abroad, that  Lords are  people of privileges,  living in the past,  insensitive and rich enough to snub all the rest of the world, indifferent to anybody'else problems.

I don't know if that's true.

What I know for sure it's that yesterday 358 (against 256) of them vote an amendment to secure the acquired rights of 3 millions of EU citizens living in UK.

But why such a vote is surprising?

I'll try to answer this question.

In my opinion as the Commoners were afraid  to lose the political consent by the voters, they voted, on both fronts (tories and labs) giving carte blanche to Government on Brexit bill.

The sad truth is that inspite we rant about democracy, a forum of no elected people (The Lords, as matter of fact) remember the world, with their amendment,  the real basis of morality and principles of human rights.

And in times of trumps, lepens and various despots, pushed by blind populism, it's not really a poor thing.

And anyway, I told you  various times that London is forever. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Brotherhood of European People

I feel it's a real shame the exit of Great Britain from European Union. Of course I totally respect the decision taken by British People the last 23rd of June but  let my dreams soar in the sky. I have dreamed of a Great Europe where the Italians start studying English language at six and French Schools teach italian culture in one with their own culture and together with the other European stories and knowledge. And I've dreamed of a unique country from the Adrian Wall to the Atlantic Ocean and from there to Sicily and up to River Rhine in Deutchland...
Sorry to be a dreamer but I can't live with out.
And once you have known It London is for ever.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The supremacy of law

It has not been a surprise the Supreme Court vote on the Brexit affair. At least for those who know the long, noble history of both English legislative and Judicial powers. 
On the other end we all know that between the legislative power (the Parliament) and the executive power (id est the Governement) the first is higher.
The law is to uphold over ministers.
Legally and logically: if the Parliament has delivered the entry of Great Britain in the EU, how could the Governement only think to ride the Country out of it without consulting the Parliament?
Someone may say that the Electorate is much more worth than the same Members of Parliament (who eventually are elected by the Electorate). But in this sick democracy we are liveing  in I'm not sure the Electorate is really free in his thoughts.
I'm thinking, for instance, of press and television's power. 
Papers and television are able to influence the Electorate more than we might think.
And I'm not sure either that another vote, today, would see the Brexit's prevail.
Of course I know that the televisions and the papers are part of the society and if people believe on what they write and say that makes democracy going on.
But let me please rebut that if ten people are able to make twenty millions of electors to think as they want the, to think, then we are not living in a democracy (we are live in a plutocracy or in a mediocracy).
And let me please say another thing: I'm very worried about this secret or evident powers, as far as they in a certain way are allowing politicians dealmakers and warmongers to rule the world who knows where about (I hope they won't lead us in the brink of a precipice).
And for the memory of Jo Cox (and for her bllod spread for European Unity) I hope the British Parliament will reconsider at least the importance of the    single market, the customs union and free movements of goods and people all over Europe (including all the Great Britain).
I respect the will of  the majority of British people, as expressed in the referendum of last June, but I wanted all Britons great with the other Europeans (Italians, French, Germans, Spanish) and not with the NorthAmericans (though I feel sentiments of friendship even with the Americans).
And I don't want see the Europeans making war with each other like in the past.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

London for ever - 6

London is more than one thousand and a half square meters large and has more than eight and a half millions of inhabitants, which makes London one of the widest capitals in the world (though not one of the most populated).
There are 32 boroughs in London (thirtythree with the City of London which is the number 1 but is not a London Borough, being simply a district, though historically of preminent importance,  without a proper London Borough Council).
Twelve of them are named as Inner London; the remainents are defined instead as Outer London.
There are some administrative differences between the two kinds of Boroughs, though most of people think that Inners are those closer to the City of London, while the Outers should be those more far (both feature are anyway exact).
In the southern boundary we find Croydon, while the western boundaries are delimited by Hillingdon; on the extreme north we find Enfield and on the east boundaries both Bexley and Havering.
It's useful to know that the  boroughs are local authorities, each one of them administrated by its  own London  Borough Council, elected every four years, which is responsible for local services, many of them as important as local education system, housing and libraries.
There is also the Greater London Authority which is responsible for wider services like fire, highways, transports and strategic plannings.

6. to be continued...

Thursday, December 29, 2016

London for ever - 5

What a shame has been Brexit! Of course I respect the decision of British people, though is not a fluke that Londoners majority have voted for  "Remain".
And how could it have been differently?
Surely the "genius loci" hidden in the old stones has drived the voters' minds for remaining.
Aren't you,  London,  the capital of our dreams?
Haven't you been, at least in the last four decades,  our shelter and salvation?
Haven't we searched on You for our lives of destiny?
Yes, we have come your paths for fate, London, attracted by your music, your art, your leisure.
And we have searched our sense of life through the misty streets, in the smoky pubs, in the busy  working days.
That's why I say London for ever.

5. to be continued...