last moon

Sunday, June 18, 2017

One year ago

One year ago (and two days) Jo Cox was shot dead by a right far fanatic who didn't agree her committment in politic and social subjects.
Joanne Cox was a MP for the Labours and when the crazy man assaulted her, she was busy in her Constituency for the coming referendum to decide if UK had to stay or to leave European Union.
As we all know British choose to leave. But this doesn't matter, in the end. I mean that I keep on feeling sentiments of brotherhood to British people though they decided to leave.
The day before yesterday some people have seen their bravery recongnised by great british honours: two policemen and two other people who helped Jo Cox against the blind violence of hate who took her life away. 
A foundation has now been founded in the name of Jo Cox (see the link below).
I don't know if this foundation is also pro European Union but I'm sure it is not against anyone.
And this is what it's important at the best.
 I have not known Jo Cox when she was alive but I know she was for solidarity, brotherhood and friendship all over the world and not only in Europe.
And I still say that London is for ever.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Someone is smiling somewhere

I apologize in advance with those who voted to leave EU; I know they are the majority, though so  fragile and changeable as politic matters are; nevertheless let me say that the loss of parliamentary seats in the  House of Commons, suffered by the Tories in the last elections, has a meaning that in some way goes against the Brexit; only in some way, I agree, not completely against, for I know even the Labours will be working to manage a definitive leave; of course there is a difference between a hard and reasonable Brexit. 
The gap between the two ways is filled with what is more careable for a left side party: social solidarity; health security; more equal health distribution; public services; social protections for the weak, even if they are continental workers, or simply  foreigner workers.

Democracy, if the word has still a residual meaning, in this society dominated by  financial and multinational powers, means also to give space to different points of view. 
So I still thinking that Great Britain should remain; I still believe European must stick together to face the challenges the world outside is waiting for and UK could play a great role in these challenges on our side. 
I believe it is also on respect of the memory who gave her life to defend the weak, on defending European Union, like MP Joanne  Cox did. 
And I still believe London is forever.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

After seven centuries

I take a part to an international competition: the storytelleruk2017 with Amazon.
I feel so   excited! It's the first time I participate in such a contest.
I entered the competition with a drama: "Travelling in the space-time with Virgil".
In my story Virgil and Dante meet again, somewhere in the space, after almost 700 hundreds years.
Virgil will lead Dante in the spacetime with his spaceship, from the Hell's damnation till the delight of Paradise.
I must say that in the competiton there are so many great books. Most of them are thrillers, spystories, historical romances, fictions and novels.Very few are the dramas and the poem's books.
Next time, maybe,  I will participate with an historical romance.
The present work is the first I have straightly  indited in English. I've published in English before, but mostly of my previous books had been translated from italian language into English (apart for some poems which have been composed directly in English).
I hope you'll find the time to take a look to my book, expressing you personal review through the link showed below.
I thank you all so much for the time you'll be spending on my literary efforts.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Somewhere, Sometimes - V


 (The King Gonario, as a ghost,  appears on stage and solemnly recite   the song of Akinta Qamar. It encloses the very meaning of the drama and will continue until the closing of the curtain).


Do not forget my sons
 Those ancient laws
That came long time ago from the sea
And of your mothers
Who rest under the grass!

Go, go, go
Go and love each others
Sons of the Earth
Where women
Are free to love anyone
And men
Do not want to master them!

The waters of the sources
Of the Earth
Have done a long march
Through the subterranean veins:
the water itself it’s only
the visible part.
The same thing happens with the men
 When they are born:
they are only the visible part
which we can see
of our ancestors!

 Do not forget my sons
 Those ancient laws
That came long time ago from the sea
And of your mothers
Who rest under the grass!

Sixth Scene
All the People celebrate the victory of love over the hate with the dance of the Last Moon!

The End

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Somewhere, Sometimes - IV

Fourth  SCENE

(Rumisu is alone on the Throne. The Nakigia’s soldiers  come to take him away)

First soldier of  Nakigia

-         Rumisu! The sun is sinking down!

Second Soldier of Nakigia

-         And your mother Nakigia is waiting for you!!!


4. to be continued...

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Somewhere, Sometimes - III

Third scene


In the Gonare’s throne
Dead twenty years ago
Took seat Itzocare
Instead of my mother

But now the truth
Has to come up
For I’m grow up
And there is now whom is
going to advice me!

People of Nure
I’m going to claim
The scepter belonged
To my father Gonario

And who doesn’t agree
Must know that even up there
As we have heard just now from Bithia
The Moon is not waiting anymore.

 (The two cousins will fight for a few minutes, according to pre-established movements of fighting "Istrumpas (a sort of closer, harder wrestling)". Each phase of the fight will be accompanied by the cries of those present   forming  two factions: one for Damasu, the other in favour of Rumisu. The  struggle ends with Rumisu who sits on the Damasu’s body . As a sign of victory Rumisu shall lift the hands up while still sits on the opponent defeated. The people and all those present, except for close allies of Itzoccar and Anù, will applaud the new King Rumisu!)

Voices  from the crowd
-         Long life for Rumisu!

Voices  from the soldiers
-         Our Gods save  Gonario’s Son!!!

Other  voices
-         Long life for the king of  Nure!

Rumisu (will silence all with a nod of autocracy and hand will lie to her uncle Itzoccar, ripping his stick of command and his mantle; will wear the cloak and then by challenging the stick between new cheers. Rumisu will quiet  all as above )

-         Might the peace be back at Nure for ever. Our command will be based on the ancient laws of our fathers!

Aristea (occupying the centre of the scene)

-         No, Rumisu! Just for those ancient laws I’m in love with Iolao! (Iolao joins Aristea ). I’m not in love with you, nor I love Damasu. Women are not presents to be gained by means of wars like mantels or scepters. Women are  preys of  love.!!!!!!

3. to be continued...

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Somewhere, sometimes - II


 The foresaid and Bithia. This scene is characterized by the singing of Bithia, with means of a solemn rituals in her movements altogether with the four vestals.

Song of  BITHIA

Our great fathers
Appearing  on my dreams
Fore say troubles
For the unpalatable people

And there is Gonario
Who is still regretting
His beloved wife
Left alone on the Earth

But now the moon
For the last time
Is going to obscure the sun
For its own reasons!

No weddings, no sons
Don’t try to obtain
Until when the stars
Will oppose to you

Our great fathers
Appearing  on my dreams
Fore say troubles
For the unpalatable people

(While Bithia, always in trance, will start to the exit of the scene, by the people come forth voices of protest)

         - Has anybody heard? The stars make opposition to any kind of weddings!!!

Damasu (parting  from the Group of noble and then showing his weapons will seek to harangue the people against Nakigia and Bithia’s prophecies)
         - Our King and our Majors are more important than the stars. Men of  Nure,   are we or are the women on charge here???

Elki (running close to Damasu)
         - The King’s son is right!  The Moon’s Gods are very far, behind the sea! In  Nure has come the time for the men to take on the command!

         - Long life for the king Itzocar and for the men of Nure!

(from the crowd  someone joins the cries of Anù. But Rumisu, with a cry of rage,   occupies the center of the stage, shutting everyone up ).

         - People of  Nure! Listen to me!!! If are the men on charge, and the king himself, then I’ll tell you that I’m the true king!!!!

         - You???

         - Certainly! Just me, the  Gonario’s son!!!

         - And then, leave off the ground. This is a matter for men!

(Everybody will leave the center stage in two contenders! Rumisu will sing his song  and immediately after the two cousins will fight  together)

2. to be continued...